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The API Developer Portal is a self-service web portal for developers to explore the digital products of Schaeffler. Published APIs can be subscribed, and documentation, metadata, message samples, guides and more are easily available. The developers use this portal to self-manage their applications, subscriptions and credentials for the offered API products. 

The primary target audience for the API Developer Portal is internal and external developers (API consumers), who are looking for suitable APIs for their demands and want to consume them easily and securely. 

The following figure shows an overview of all the steps you need to take to consume an API. For the start, you first need to sign up and log in to the portal:

Big Picture



Sign Up

The API Developer Portal is available to everyone on the public internet. This allows everyone interested (even if unauthenticated) to obtain some general information. However, when a developer wants to explore the API catalogue or subscribe to a specific API, he needs to have an account on our Developer Portal. The required account must be requested via the registration process:

Sign Up Process


You can start the signup process here:  Sign Up



Log In

Once the registration process is complete and the account is in place, users can utilize the Log In function in the upper right corner of the API Developer Portal to log in with their credentials.

After you have logged in, you can continue with the How to Consume APIs guide which will show you in detail how to proceed with steps 3 to 7.

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If you have questions regarding the Schaeffler Developer Portal you can contact our API Center of Excellence team here.