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Schaeffler Bearing Data Service

We support our customers in their digitalization with machine-readable bearing product data.

Collecting bearing product data is error prone and time intensive.

We offer the Bearing Data Service alongside our rolling bearing products that ensures greater efficiency, transparency, and security in your data management.

Bearing Data Service automates and accelerates conventional business processes in the value-added chain, giving rise to completely new perspectives.


Bearing Data Service

Data management in a new dimension: Cloud-based

The Bearing Data Service [Digital Twin API] is a standardized RESTful interface to query product information from engineering, production, and logistics in a machine-readable format stored in the cloud. By calling standard REST methods, users can get information about Schaeffler products for their application. This enables our customers to integrate Schaeffler product data into their ecosystem.


The API design follows the best practices regarding security, ensured by the Schaeffler API Portal and usability. The response object is a convenient standard JSON object.

How our customers are using the API

Better system design and easier calculations

  • Up-to-date and quality-tested product data that can be accessed at any time
  • Direct integration into calculation systems based on a standardized data model

Expanded purchasing and sales platform

  • Automated transfer of product data to PIM systems and web shops
  • Creation of warehouse records and packing lists using real data and serial numbers
  • Always up to date with the Schaeffler product portfolio

Optimized warehouse management

  • Serial number-based inventory
  • Traceability of individual parts
  • Linking of serial numbers with carriers
Paperless documentation
Schaeffler Bearings

Simplified product and system assembly

  • Paperless documentation and archiving
  • High-precision assembly process using real geometric data
  • Traceability of individual parts in complex systems

Transparent product life cycle

  • Data from all phases of the product life cycle
  • Bi-directional feedback loops in the use phase
  • Opportunities for data analysis

More Information

If you want to learn more about the Bearing Data Service, you can visit our Product Page.

About us

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If you have questions regarding the Schaeffler Developer Portal you can contact our API Center of Excellence team here.